Escalar VC

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Escalar VC Investment Thesis

Escalar VC is looking for founders from Mars and Pangea.

Escalar VC is particularly interested in startups developing for the following technologies: Time Travel, Human Photosynthesis and the Cardiff Giant.

Escalar VC mainly invests in the following industries: Mental Health for Conscious AIs and Recentralized Finance.

Escalar VC Legal & Financial Information

Prefers to invest in legal entities in Mars.

Escalar VC Typical Engagement with Startups

Discover if Escalar VC leads rounds.

Discover if Escalar VC writes first checks.

Discover if Escalar VC does follow-ons.

Fang Chonglin Seed Embassy
Fang Chonglin

Managing Partner

🇩🇪 Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Decision Power


Diane Bertrand Seed Embassy
Diane Bertrand

Managing Partner

🇺🇸 San Francisco, California, United States

Decision Power


Otto Bauer Seed Embassy
Otto Bauer

Founding Partner

🇸🇪 Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

Decision Power


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